FAQs About Homeopathy

1. What is the difference in types of holistic healing?

Homeopathy uses ultra-diluted substance in the form of nano-doses, that send messages to the nervous system to instigate a healing response, like the starter in your car instigating it to run. What makes homeopathy unique is it can shift the mental with the physical symptoms, healing at all levels and origins of disease (genetic, trauma, emotional, etc). Chiropractic heals through the nervous system as well, by physically moving where you could be pinched, allowing electrical flow. Acupuncture works similarly, by stimulation movement with a needle or pressure.

All three are working to influence balance, improving overall health via the nervous system.

Naturopathy is commonly facilitating healing with herbal products and dietary recommendations. Herbs and food are physical substances requiring assimilation through the digestive system. Herbs, like pharma, may be used to treat symptoms.

2. I tried a remedy in the past and didn't get results. Why not?

The remedy is most commonly the wrong one. For example, the way an individual has a headache is unique. One member of the family may have a throbbing headache, the next exploding or another a needle in the eye. The reason for the headache could be caused from financial stress or being worried about a test score or eating too much chocolate. We can select a unique remedy for the person. If you select incorrectly, the remedy may not work for you, but could be effective for someone else. Turbo formulas cover multiple manifestations of symptoms and pathologies, making them more effective.

3.What is a dose?

For acute use (urgent incident): spray once, every 5 minutes, 3 times in a row. If pain and discomfort diminishes, then the remedy can be used 3 times a day for up to a week. You may use the remedy as needed as long as it continues to provide healing action (if pain was a 10 and now is a 4, continuing to diminish). Discontinue use when problem is gone or so minimal that you don't need any more help to heal.

For chronic use: the origin of a chronic problem comes from the inside like a reoccurring sinus infection, chronic food allergies, phobias, emotional dilemmas, eczema, ankle swelling, high blood pressure, arthritic and back pain, PMS, adrenal fatigue, infertility, learning disabilities. Remedies are used one as directed with the expectation of long lasting results. Healing at this level is often facilitated by a classical homeopathic professional.

4.Will essential oils and mint keep my remedy from working?

The reason essential oils, like other forms of holistic medicine, are great is that they don't suppress the symptoms, like drugs, with consequences for covering up the problem. Suppression is a form of covering up symptoms, creating consequences, known as side-effects. Essential oils are great at providing relief in the moment, oftentimes encouraging repeated use. A remedy has a potential of healing for longer periods of time. They both can be effective. Try them separately and assess the results. Mint in concentration is menthol; mild mint in toothpaste is not a problem. Camphor and menthol can be overpowering. Use them separately.

5.What about diet?

Diet is supportive. People with healthy diets still have anxiety, addictions, and diseases like arthritis and insomnia and auto immune diseases. There is additional healing potential beyond good diets. Keep up the good work and embrace the potential to heal at a deeper level.

6. Are remedies safe for children and pregnant/nursing women?

Yes. Generally, remedies have no physical drug qualities, they are energetic, not unlike acupuncture stimuli, meaning they have no toxicity. Remedies can be very powerful and effective while being safe for all ages.