Letter from Ellen, the Formulator

Homeopathy is unique. The remedies used are ultra-diluted natural substances which are safe, non-toxic, effective, fast-acting and have had no known side effect for over 200 years. Homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated and have an established standard for labeling and production (HPUS). As practitioners, we can teach our clients and students about healing at greater levels than you may realize is possible, including acute problems (like a broken leg, burn, or head injury), or chronic diseases (like fibromyalgic & arthritic conditions, anxiety or jealousy) without side effects. Homeopathy as a science and art is founded on the use of ultra-diluted natural substances selected by a matching of your disease symptoms and the medicinal value of the diluted natural substance (“like curing like”) to stimulate movement out of a diseased or damaged state. Homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic, FDA-regulated, and are effective for all age groups, including pregnant and nursing mothers. Homeopathy has produced results for over 200 years in disease resolution and relief all over the world. The science has been replicated and effective for millions. Currently effectively being used for AIDS in Africa and recognized effective and validated for chronic disease by many countries.

Homeopathic ultra-diluted substances in nano doses (which can be mapped on a MRI) act by creating stimuli, working similar to the concept of instigating your car to run. It sits outside with tires and gas, capable of function but sitting. You use a spark (starter) to lite the fuel and “va-voom” you are up and running. Now you can drive in the direction you want to go until the fuel runs out. Remedies stimulate the body/brain message center a similar way by empowering action. If we choose the correct stimuli (remedy) we can get you moving, for example - out of pain or the negative pathology you are stalled in. This same message/brain center sends messages for your heart to beat, for feeling hungry, to be angry, to have cramps with a period, to digest your dinner, to urinate, etc. Homeopathic Remedies in ultra-dilution are recognized by your message center. We want your body to be efficient, not stuck or broken. The remedies do not work in your belly like food, herbs or drugs. They encourage the body to move. Remedies are powerful tools. They have been approved without recall for 200 years (unlike drugs). Homeopathy is popular and available worldwide. In the US it has been hidden from you, as if pharmaceuticals were your only option and being promoted on TV and by insurance companies designating selective coverage.

Medical doctors excel at emergency medicine and surgery, and do diagnostics with great tools like the MRI or Ultra-sounds and lab tests. What they do poorly is treatment, creating suppressions which have dangerous side effects. This is where homeopathy shines. You’ve been diagnosed, now you have options outside of drugs. Look to resolve, not suppress. Homeopathy is a great option and is complimentary to other alternative methods. Look at the referrals section and read the personal accounts of homeopathic results.

I have almost three decades worth of homeopathic experience. I do private consultations and teach all levels of classes in multiple states and online for you, your family or community. Class offerings include: the use of remedies for acute ailments, behavior challenges, pain sleep disorders, pregnancy challenges and more.

also teach classes facilitating use of remedies for your pets or livestock for ranch and dairy/commercial use. Remedies are organically qualified products. Theory and ongoing study groups are available at this time. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner or adding homeopathy to a current credential, our advanced college program is also available.

Your input is always welcome and encouraged. I appreciate your interest in homeopathy and look forward to serving you and your community!

In great health,
Ellen F. Bench