Fungal & Warty Relief Cream

Turbo® Fungal & Warty Growth Cream: For athlete’s foot, distorted toe/fingernails, cracking skin and warty growths. Look for new nail growth.

Why this product? Provides relief without side effects of anti-fungal drugs. Also consider Jock Itch formula.

0.5 Ounces



Apply directly to afflicted area daily for up to a month or until symptoms diminish. For best results, use without other topical anti-fungals. Look for nails to grow out healthy. Also available in spritz.


Proprietary blend of HPUS 6c and 30c homeopathic remedies with organic Thuja 1x tonic in a natural base.


If nursing, pregnant, if symptoms persists, or you experience any aggravations, cease use and consult your practitioner. Homeopathy is generally safe for all ages. Keep out of childrens reach.