Gum Health Support Spritz

Turbo® Gum Health Spritz: For gum redness, swelling, soreness, bleeding, and mouth odor.

Why this product? Improves dental checkups. Helps diminish bleeding and excessive gaps of gums. No strong odor of camphor or menthol. For plaque buildup, consider using Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® Toothpaste. Fluoride free with fresh lemon-lime flavor.

1 Ounce
Approx 100 Spritzes

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Spray once directly into mouth or into 1 oz. of water. Swish before swallowing. Use daily after brushing, before bed. Avoid use with mouthwash.


Proprietary blend of HPUS 6c and 30c homeopathic remedies in a base of Calendula 1x, 6c, 30c tonic to speed healing. Calendula has antiseptic and astringent qualities.


If nursing, pregnant, if symptoms persists, or you experience any aggravations, cease use & consult your practitioner. Homeopathy is generally safe for all ages. Keep out of childrens reach.