Scientific Technology & NANO Dose Homeopathy

Scientific Tools continue to be developed and upgraded.  The more the tools have the ability to measure and affect the nervous system the more Homeopathy is validated.  Medicine uses the mechanical approach to "resolve dysfunction" by offering  2 options - drug it or cut it out.  Despite NEW DNA testing the solution is the same -Newer drugs or Cut it.  The entire field of alternative medicine is goal oriented to solve, build, improve and support improved function. Because Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic facilitate wellness through the nervous system (and the medical community are still perplexed and struggling to understand the brain and nervous system) they attack and accuse our field as if non-scientific!  We produce results! How about that science?  Most criticism is from lack of understanding not personal experience or clinical testing!  Not long ago they thought the world was flat and the AMA cut out colons because they had bacteria in them!  Now were are using ineffective chemo therapy for auto immune drugs without effective clinical testing because of the investment in R&D... Is that good science?  Clinical results after 20 years show statin drugs ineffective for 99% of users but 1% justifies the enormous side effects for 99% of us or could it be profit oriented - is that good science?  Lets review the basic scientific definition:

Scientific standards by definition is a theory followed by testing and then replication to establish claims of effectiveness. Over the last 25 years our formulas have been aggressively tested on thousands of clients and the public with compromised physical and mental health conditions. The results have been impressive to say the least!

Arguments that homeopathic remedies (nano doses) are no more than a placebo effect are easily disputed when clients, especially children (and animals), have no idea that they are being given a remedy while experiencing diminished teething pain or a sore throat, or pain relief of a blistering burn or no longer have worms and a shiny coat. In the last 225 years (that homeopathy has existed) those who have used the remedy Arnica Montana, for example, can attest to its effectiveness of immediate pain and inflammation relief.  Most clinical results are unpublished in AMA journals. Alternative medicine and its  research is not the richest industry in the world. WHO IS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH?

For the last 225 years, since the prodigy Dr. Hahnemann first utilized homeopathic remedies, millions of people worldwide have come to know one simple truth: homeopathy works for humans and animals around the world. The more sophisticated testing and tools used today further validate the nanotechnology of homeopathic principals. Concepts in neuroscience and nano-technology, versus bioscience, are where homeopathy is validated.

Homeopath Ellen's Turbo® products have been clinically tested since 1993. Our formulas demonstrate impressive results both in the prevention and relief of many common health concerns when supplements and pure diet didn't produce results. Our products formulated using proprietary blends of HPUS homeopathic remedies in 6c and 30c potencies. These remedies are ultra-diluted (nano-doses of) natural substances from our earth to create a safe and ultra-effective form of healthcare. These higher potencies used in our formulas, are faster acting, more effective, safe, and non-toxic, facilitating healing through the nervous system; not your stomach like foods and herbs.

Remedies are effective by facilitating optimum functions. Relief of symptoms is the goal as well as strengthening the immune system from stresses, both mental or physical improving life quality. Formulas are delivered in an easy and cost efficient manner (the main reason you are unfamiliar with alternative concepts).  Their use can diminish frequency of illness, facilitate rapid relief of acute symptoms (injuries, infections, and pain) and minimize health care expenses.


Your family will benefit from the drug-free, natural and organically-qualified formulas. Clinical results validated in the form of referrals are available for your review. I personally have sucessfully raised my healthy functional children without antibiotics and drugs ever.  I am inspired to teach and facilitate others to have that option.